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Welcome to WordPress Course at LearnVern!

As WordPress has become one of the most popular Content Management systems with millions of sites being developed the job potential for a WordPress Developer is very high. This is why we have taken every effort to make the content for our WordPress course easy to understand with the best examples. You will be able to view all the videos online from the website and can also use the Android app to download all the videos for offline viewing.

WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and can be installed on a Web Server. It is absolutely free and the most popular Open Source CMS. Moreover, WordPress is community software developed by a large group of volunteers.

If you have been thinking about How to Learn WordPress for Free – take the initiative now and enroll today at LearnVern and join thousands of learners who have completed the course. Learn WordPress Course taught by the best and experienced WordPress developers in Hindi and other vernacular languages. Due to the vast experience of the trainers in WordPress, this course is rated as the Best WordPress Tutorial and is also considered to be the perfect WordPress Tutorial for Beginners.

Our free WordPress course covers all Theory, Practical and Live Project-based examples and includes all topics, including how to install WordPress, post management in WordPress, page management in WordPress, media management in WordPress, appearance management, widget, WordPress plugins, sliders, user management, Woocommerce, HTML CSS, and more.

Read the reviews below of real users who trusted Learnvern and enrolled for the Free WordPress Tutorial. Hope you find this training useful!

WordPress Course for Beginners to Advanced by Learnvern
WordPress Course for Beginners to Advanced by Learnvern

Who Can Take Our Free WordPress Course?

WordPress is quite a popular CMS for small businesses. Any user who is passionate about building applications can start with our WordPress tutorial.


Requirements for Our Online WordPress Tutorial:

  • PHP Language
  • My-SQL
  • Basics of Designing

Who Can Take Our Free WordPress Course?

At LearnVern, you get the freedom to choose the language of instruction. We offer easy-to-learn, free tutorials in vernacular languages to ensure hassle-free learning and maximum retention among our students. The free WordPress tutorial offered by LearnVern has been designed in collaboration with subject-matter experts, which ensures that not only is the curriculum is relevant but enables learners to be industry-ready on completion. The content of our WordPress online course is complete with graphics, images and practical insights that make it interesting, easy to understand and insightful.

While LearnVern is available on the web, our learners can also download our app from the Android play store to access our content on the go. Also, our WordPress tutorials in Hindi can be downloaded and shared with friends and colleagues.



Is WordPress Worth Learning in 2020?

Absolutely! WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems, used widely across the world by web developers. Studies show that more than 75 million websites across the globe are built by WordPress. The popularity is also attributed to its easy-to-learn format. Anybody can enrol for WordPress Tutorials and it does not require any kind of experience in programming knowledge.

What Should I Expect from LearnVern’s WordPress Tutorial?

The WordPress Tutorial on LearnVern has been carefully curated by experienced web developers and subject matter experts. The WordPress course will guide you step-by-step on the installation of WordPress, create and edit pages in WordPress, manage posts and pages, manage and edit WordPress themes, and more. To help our students learn and remember concepts better, our WordPress training is available in Hindi and other vernacular languages. You will also have access to a final quiz at the end of the learning module that will help you go over all the concepts that you have learnt during the course.

Will I Get Practical Assignments During the Course?

The WordPress Tutorial at LearnVern has been designed in a manner that carefully balances theoretical and practical knowledge. Our WordPress course combines learning modules that are carefully crafted amalgam of tutorials and assignments, allowing students to get a deeper understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of each concept.

Do I Get a Certification on Completing this WordPress Tutorial?

Yes. At LearnVern, you can get a certificate for completing the WordPress tutorial. Although the course is free of cost, a nominal fee of Rs 500 can get you the coveted certificate, which can help you land your dream job. We offer SkillIndia certification, issued by the National Skill Development Corporation and is recognized across the country, to our learners who have successfully completed our WordPress tutorial.

Can I Share the WordPress Tutorials & Courses with My Friends?

Yes, you can download our tutorials from the Web and Android app for offline viewing and share also it with your friends through our Ambassador Program.

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WordPress Course for Beginners to Advanced by Learnvern

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