What is the Processor?


What is the Processor?

What is the Processor?
What is the Processor?

What is the Processor?– A processor is a type of chip. Which is engaged in the computer, mobile, tablet, laptop, etc? And this is the main part of all gadgets. It understands the movements between hardware and software. The processor understands every activity that happens between us and the computer. Only then can the computer understand our given command and work on it. And until the computer does not understand our given command, then we cannot work on the computer. For example, two people are standing, one knows Hindi and the other is Japanese, in such a situation, they can speak only when both understand one language or else they will not understand what the front word is? So in this way, there is a way to talk between the two men. English language so that both of them can understand, then the way English became the medium to understand them both. In this way, the processor became the medium between us and the computer. Who explains our command to the computer and with the help of computer software, the computer performs the same function that we give him instructions with the help of a keyboard or mouse. Therefore, the processor is also known as Champi I .s. Central Processing Unit and is also considered as the brain of a computer or mobile. Whenever it comes to the processor, the core is also exposed. Like how many cores does the processor have?

Processor Core?

The capacity of the core processor indicates how much capacity the processor has. If the processor is single-core then it will not be able to do heavy work and it will hang. Therefore, high-cost computers, laptops, mobiles with 2 core, 4 core, 4 core, and 4 core processors are inserted. Which increases its working capacity.

The processor is GHz. The more the processor of the core, the greater its capacity will be GHz. And that would work just as well. This is the reason that people buy laptop computers or mobile phones with good processors.


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