#1 What is the computer system with full information?

What is the computer system

Computers are information processing machines. It can be viewed as a system, which consists of a number of interrelated components that work together with the aim of converting data into information. In a computer system, the processing is carried out electronically, usually with little or no intervention from a human user. 
What is the computer system?
                 The general perception of peoples regarding the computer that it is an “Intelligent thinking machines”. However, this is not true. Every computer needs to be told exactly what to do and how to do it. The instructions given to the computers are called programs. Without programs to tell them what to do, the computer would be useless. The physical parts that make up a computer (the central processing unit, input, output, and storage) are called Hardware. Peripherals are any hardware device connected to the computer, any part of the computer outside the CPU, and working memory. 

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