#1 What is Super Computer

What is Super Computer?

Super Computer is a special purpose machine, which is specially designed to maximize the numbers of FLOPS(Floating Point Operation Per Second). Any computer below one gigaflop/sec is not considered a supercomputer. A super has the highest processing speed at a given time for solving scientific and engineering problems. Essentially, it contains a number of CPUs that operate parallel to make it faster. Its processing speed lies in the range of 400-10,000 MFLOPS (Millions of Floating Point Operation Per Second). Due to this feature, supercomputer help in many applications including information retrieval computer-aided design.

What is Super Computer?

                                   A supercomputer can process a great deal of information and make extensive calculations very quickly. It can resolve complex mathematical equations in a few hours, which would have taken a scientist with paper and pencil a lifetime, or years, using a hand calculator. It is the fastest, costliest and most powerful computer available today. Typically, a supercomputer is used to solve the multi-variant mathematical problem of existent physical processes, such as aerodynamic, metrology, and plasma physics. These are also required by the military strategists to simulate defense scenarios. Cinematic specialists use them to produce sophisticated movie animations. Scientists build complex models and simulate them in a supercomputer. However, a supercomputer has limited broad-spectrum use because of its price tag and limited market. The largest commercial uses of supercomputers are in the entertainment/advertising industry.

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