What is Printer?

The printer is an output device used to create paper copies of the output from the computer. The printer can produce text and images on paper. A very special printer can also print plastic, fabric, or any surface.
Printers are divided into two categories:-
(1) Impact Printer              (2) Non-Impact Printer
(1). Impact Printer:
                                        In these printers, there is mechanical contact between the print and the paper such as:

Line Printer, Drum Printer, Daisy Wheel Printer, Dot matrix printer.

What is Printer?

                                                                     Impact Printer

(a). Line printer:

                                Line printers are that type of printer which prints one line at a time.

                                                                    Line Printer.

(b). Drum Printer:
                                     This printer is like a drum in shape whose surface is divided into a number of tracks total trades are equal to the size of a paper.

A character set is embossed on the track different character sets are the variable like 48,64 and 96. Drum printers can print 300 to 2000 lines per minute.

                                                              Drum Printer.

©. Daisy Wheel Printer:

                                                 Printer wheel line on the wheel and pains corresponding to characters which resemble daisy flowed these printers are used for word processing in offices that required a few letters to be printed in good quality. It is more reliable and flexible to change the character set.


                                                          Daisy wheel Printer.

(d). Dot Matrix Printer:

                                               A dot matrix printer is the most popular impact printer it prints one character at a time the print head content vertical array of prints the print head moves across the paper, selected prints fire against a ribbon of ink to form a parallel of the dot on the paper.


What is Printer?

                                                                    Dot-Matrix Printer.

Non-Impact Printer:

 In this printer there is no mechanical contact between the print head and a paper.

What is Printer?

                                                             Non-Impact Printer.

There are two types of Non-Impact Printer:-

(a). Inkjet Printer           (b) Laser Printer
(a). Inkjet Printer:
                                       Inkjet printer fires small drops of ink on the paper to create text or images.

Inkjet Printer direct high-velocity steel of ink to words the paper. This steam is reflected bypassing to the electrostatic field or altar-sonic field.

What is Printer?

                                                            Inkjet Printer.

(b). Laser Printer:

                                     These printers work on the similar mechanisms of a photocopy machine the desired output is written on drum with the help of light beam control by computer with this certain parts of drum gets electrically charged, then this surface is exposed to the laser printer. This laser exposed areal attract tones that form of the image by attaching ink to laser charges. The tones are permanently fused all the paper with heat or pressure.


What is Printer?

                                                               Laser Printer.