What is Power supply?

A power supply or SMPS (Switch Modulate Power Supply) is a transformer and voltage control device in a computer that furnishes power to all the electronic components by converting them into low voltage DC (Direct Current) Supply. When the computer is turned on, the power supply allows the converter electricity to travel other components inside the computer. 

What is power supply?

Modern-day Power Supply provides protection against surge and spikes in the power, which could damage vital components of the computer. Nowadays PC power supply is capable of providing several different voltages, at different strengths, and manages additional signals for the motherboard. The power supply plays an important role in the following areas of the computer system:

Stability: A high-quality power supply with sufficient capacity to meet the demands of the computer provides years of stable power for the PC.
➤  Cooling: The power supply contains the main fan that controls the flow of air through the system case. This fan is a major component in the PC cooling system.
Expandability: The capacity of the power supply determines the ability to add new drivers to the system or upgrade to a more powerful motherboard or processor.

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