What is Plotter?

Ø IT is an output device that is used to produce high-quality graphics is a variety of color.
Ø Plotter is used in architectural drawings, maps, graphs, and charts.


Ø It can print on a large surface.

Types of Plotter:

·       Types of Plotter:
§  Flat Bed Plotter:
§  Drum Plotter.
1.    1. Flat Bed Plotter:
ð This Plotter has a flat place called Bed. Paper is adjusted on the bed.
ð The size of the bed is adjusted according to need.
ð It has a set of pens.
ð The pen moves on the paper.
       2. Drum Plotter:
ð It works like the bed plotter. The paper is placed over a drum.
ð This drum can rotate and move. The pens are stationery.
ð Drum rotates and moves against the pens to draw graphs and drawing.