What is Hybrid Computer?

Hybrid Computer is a mixture of digital and analog computer. They are used to control machines. These are the computers, which make use of both analog and digital components and techniques.
The car’s speedometer may be considered a hybrid machine, although machine, although it does not employ true digital techniques. The digital differential analysis is a true hybrid since it uses digital circuits and techniques in a machine that is organized like, and fulfills the purpose of an analog computer. 
The most recent analog computer use digital memory storage for intermediate results or repetitive problems; other hybrids exist. To use both types of computing techniques for solving a problem, ‘analog-to-digital’ and ‘digital-to-analog’ converters are required, which will make analog data palatable to a digital computer, and vice versa. Since there has been a considerable swing towards using the best of both techniques int the most recent computer, we shall study hybrid types and converters in the last section of the book.
Hybrid computers make use of both analog and digital techniques. They employ analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters for transforming the data into suitable from either type of computation. The digital differential analyses is one type of hybrid, using digital components in an analog organization.
The hybrid computer utilizes the best qualities of both the computers and mostly used for automatic operations of complicated physical processes and machines. But there are mostly hidden.