#1 Tiktok ban in India. What is the reality behind this?


Tiktok ban in India. What is the reality behind this?

Tiktok ban in India. What is the reality behind this?
Tiktok ban in India. What is the reality behind this?

Tiktok ban in India. What is the reality behind this?

Tiktok is a Chinese app, so close it, the whole matter will be over. Tiktok should be closed because children are deteriorating due to Tiktok. Are you guys serious? I do not think that there is no time to think that Tiktok is banned, YouTube is banned. You have to rise above all these things. Imagine someone works in your house, suddenly his job goes away and you may have to stay here on the roads. So how will you feel, how will you be with you? So what is the situation in today’s date, this is friends, there are many laborers whose jobs have gone. The economy has gone so far that it will take too much time to get it back on track.

Our government will have a big run. Therefore, if we waste this time, then there is going to be more waste in the coming time. Because jobs are not going to happen that much in the market. On today’s date, 50% of the salary of those who are employed is also getting. Everyone’s salary has been halved. Here the company is leaving more people because they do not have the money, so what will they do? Therefore, instead of doing all this time you have got to focus on learning, you will get the benefit. People say stop the Chinese app because it belongs to China. Money is going towards China. But of all the companies in India, 30 of them are Chinese investors, whether they are Paytm, Ola, Make my Trip, Jomato, as many of the company names they hear are Investor’s Direct and Indirect Involve in China.

Now, how many things will you remove? Now you will say that all startups are useless. Because China’s money is invested in it. You should understand this, if any startup of friends stands, it needs money. If you do not get this money from India, then somewhere you will try it, friend. He will not let his dream die like this. So he goes to China, goes to Japan, to America for money. If he gets money from him, his startup stands up, so what is wrong about it? If Paytm works here, then Paytm also gives employment to thousands. Nobody understands all of this.

Stop this from China, this is American, then stop this thinking, friends. If someone comes to the company from outside, then it is right that they earn money from us. He is investing money in a country, he will earn money. But it should also be seen that people are making money in India too. Employment is also being found in India. So this thinking should be made. This is wrong thinking in you. You have not developed so much thinking that if you are interested in all these things that you want YouTube then Tiktok is good. Friends are not going to get anything from this. I would say that the time that you all have got, focus on learning it, and not waste your time in all these useless things. Because there can be a shortage of jobs in the future. Because we do not know how long the COVID-19 will last. Keep it prepper now.

Keep thinking about what not to do. Make your strategy and work on it only then you will be able to move forward. I feel that in today’s date there is not only a problem of laborers, but even middle-class people also have trouble. Everyone has to face the problem here. Because middle-class savings are ending, he has to pay all the money from his house so that he is coming down to a level. You may think that this situation is becoming very critical. So what will cross us here is our hard work.

So I repeat again that focus on learning, thinking all these useless things will do nothing. Nowadays there are many such courses on the internet which are absolutely free, along with this certificate is also being provided for free. So learn them and improve your learning and implement it in your life. If you all want to know which company – provide the course for free, that too online. If you can learn from your mobile or computer, laptop sitting at home, then comment below. Soon I will submit the article for you all.

I hope this article has been helpful to you to know about real facts regarding Tiktok Ban In India.

Thank you, users. Love you all.

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