The Hungry Fox Stock


The Hungry Fox Stock
The Hungry Fox Stock

The Hungry Fox Stock In The Tree Hole

The Hungry Fox Stock – Tia!  Tia! Hey, Tofu! Guess what! I just bought a remote driven car from Hal. What? Why? He said he wanted to sell his car. I said I will buy it. He gave me a good deal on it too. Have you ever seen this car, Tofu? No…but what could be wrong? Well…nothing. But it is always nice to know what you are getting into. Oh, you worry too much, Tia. Maybe But the hungry fox learned the other way. What do you mean? Once upon a time, a hungry fox roamed in the forest. He was very hungry and there was no food to be found.

There is no food anywhere today. I shall go to the outskirts of the forest where the village starts and see if there is something to eat there. The fox walked to the edge of the forest and entered the village area. There he found a big tree with a hole in its trunk. Curious, he looked into the hole. Wao, there’s food in there! Bread, fresh jam, fruits… The food had been stored by a villager who was farming nearby. The fox quickly jumped into the hole in the tree trunk and ate everything that the farmer had kept there. That was a good meal.

My stomach is full now. But I am thirsty. Time to go and drink some water from the river. The fox got ready to jump out of the tree trunk. But as much as he tried he couldn’t he was stuck in it! His now fat stomach would get caught in the hole and he could not come out of it as much he tried. Oh, no! I am stuck! The villager will come back any time and I will be in so much trouble! I wish I had thought a little before eating all that food.

I think I am behaving like the fox, Tia Yes, You’ve got that right. Giving your actions some thought before you jump in can go a long way in helping you out You are right. Tomorrow, before I pay Hal for the car I will request him to show it to me. Good idea!  Now please help me refill the watering can.


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