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Sportimo is a clean, responsive and retina-ready WordPress theme suitable for sport or sport event blogs, newspapers or magazines. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In addition, Sportimo supports Google ads, AdSense.

We offer great support and friendly help!







* WordPress 5.5 compatibility


* PHP 7 compatibility


* WPBakery Page Builder plugin update* Other minor bug fixes


* Visual Composer plugin update* PHP 7 notice fixes* Added sidebar on responsive devices* Added Sportimo Extended plugin* Removed share count counter from single post share buttons.* Updated header title for the latest WordPres standarts* Other minor bug fixes

* visual Composer plugin update
* visual Composer plugin update* widget update for wp 4.3
* Fix for WP 4.2.


 * Visual Composer plugin update* Added Dat Menu Plugin


* Shortcode Improvement for WordPress 4.1* Visual Composer Plugin Update


2014.04.22* Visual composer plugin update. * Gallery page thumbnail fix.2014.04.09* Improvement for WordPress 3.9* Visual Composer plugin update2014.02.17 * Added option to order events by event date.2014.02.06* Added new galley template.* Added video widget.2013.12.10* Visual Composer plugin update.* WordPress 3.8 compatibility.2013.11.28* Visual Composer plugin update.2013.11.08* Added rating system2013.07.04* Visual Composer plugin update.2013.05.16* Visual Composer plugin update.* Latest events widget bug fix2013.03.17* Image resizer bug fix.* Added option to turn off share buttons.* Added portrait view for galleries.2013.03.14* Added events page category view.2013.03.13* Fixed footer style bug on IE.* Fixed Comment page layout bug, in view, when only register users could comment.* Added Option To change Background images via control panel.


  • Banner System – Sportimo has it’s own Bannery system, in which you can add images, text, videos or any other type of HTML code. You can add/edit all effects ( how often banners will show up, after how much seconds it will disappear, effects, fly in time e.c.).
  • Homepage – Unlimited homepages styles. You will be able to create your own homepage by dragging and dropping blocks.
  • Contact – Contact page with contact form
  • Events – Powerfull tool to list upcoming events, preview information about it – statistics, descriptions, photo galleries. The events can also be used to display event results, displaying countdown to the event or even distributing tickets for it.
  • Gallery – This theme is has a separate gallery system. You can choose between two styles of galleries: fancy box and standard jquery gallery (no more page reload on image change) . We have implemented a shortcode of gallery which enables adding a couple of first images to the post.
  • Blog – This theme offers everything you need for blogging, you can add avatars to your posts, automatic search of avatar from the post if it is not set.
  • Widgets – This theme is offered together with 7 widgets adjusted for the theme.
  • Language – This theme includes language (POT) files – now you can browse them easier and faster. This theme is easily adjustable to other languages by using PoEdit programme which is available free.
  • Shortcodes – This theme contains shortcodes which can be inserted both by adding shortcode in the post field or by using specific shortcode insertion buttons which make using the shortcode much easier.
  • Sidebar Generator – You can create unlimited sidebars and add new sidebar for each post or page.

Other features:

  • Responsive design;
  • More than 500 fonts from Google Web Fonts;
  • Easy shortcode use – insert them only with one button click;
  • Comments with reply functionality;
  • Drop down menu;
  • Menu with second dropdown layer functionality;
  • Powerful and easy to use configuration page;
  • Multiple types of making thumbnails;
  • Gallery that is based on WordPress custom post type feature;
  • Portfolio that is based on WordPress custom post type feature;
  • Contact Form template included;
  • Works and looks similar in all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome;
  • Easy logo replacement;
  • Easy favicon replacement;
  • Dynamic sidebar generation functionality;
  • PSD files included.
  • And a lot more!

You can view an example of documentation here: http://sportimo.orange-themes.net/documentation/