Software Testing Course for Beginners to Advanced:


Software Testing Course in Hindi

Software Testing is an integral part of the Software development process due to the need of delivering a defect-free software product. This is why we offer complete Software Testing Tutorial in Hindi and other vernacular languages, including the theory and practical aspects of Manual Software Testing to build a successful career and Job in the field of QA and Software Testing.

This 100% Free Video Software Testing Tutorial is designed to offer a complete Software Testing course focused on the Fundamentals of Testing, Types of Testing, Testing Techniques, Methods, SDLC, Development models and Defect management.

Our Software Testing video tutorials will also cover manual testing with definitions and software testing concepts and tools. Each topic is explained using easy to understand Language – Hindi with Real Live Project Examples that you wouldn’t find at any Software Testing Classes. Once you are through with all the important Software Testing concepts, you can take a look at the project for a complete overview of how to write test cases and prepare bug reports for any application being tested. After successful completion of the Software Testing Course, you would be able to test various web applications and master on how to develop different Test Cases and Scenarios.

By the end of the Software Testing Course, you will be able to appear Domestic and International Software Testing Certification Tests like ISTQB.

Software Testing Course for Beginners to Advanced
Software Testing Course for Beginners to Advanced

Why Should You Learn Software Testing?

Software Testing is an indispensable activity involved in the software development process. The requirement of qualified software testers has always been on the rise as quality plays a crucial role in software development. Go that extra mile by taking the manual testing tutorial with LearnVern.



Who Can Take Our Free Software Testing Course?

Students who would like to make their career in Software Testing and QA or professionals who want to do testing of their own applications by enhancing their knowledge can take this online software testing course.


Why Choose LearnVern for Software Testing

The Software Testing Training at LearnVern has been carefully designed and developed in collaboration with domain experts to ensure that all essential software testing basics are covered in-depth and practical examples that illustrate and demonstrate each concept are included effectively. The biggest advantage that you get when you learn software testing with LearnVern is that its courses are available in vernacular languages and are complete with graphics, images and demonstration videos that are easy to understand, impactful, and facilitate maximum retention. LearnVern’s software testing course is available for Android devices. By downloading the courses, you can access the content offline to facilitate learning on the go. we also offer software testing certification to those who successfully complete the course.


Why Should I Learn Software Testing?

Software testing is poised to see a boom in demand in the coming years. As the demand for software developers grows, the increase in demand for software testing professionals is set to grow too. LearnVern offers a comprehensive online software testing course online for free and gives you a balanced exposure to the fundamentals of software testing, allowing you to grasp theoretical and practical aspects of the program effectively. Our course combines the expertise of domain and industry experts to ensure our learners are industry-ready on completion of the training.

What Does LearnVern’s Software Testing Course Offer?

LearnVern’s Software Testing Course or automation testing course is available in Hindi and other vernacular languages, which means you can take the course in the language that you are most comfortable in. It covers essentials of software testing ranging from definitions, types of testing, concepts and tools, etc. You will also have the opportunity to witness real live project examples for better retention of theoretical concepts. At the end of the Software Testing Course, you will be able to test various web applications independently and even appear for Domestic and International Software Testing Certification Tests.

What Jobs Can I Look at Post the Software Testing Course?

On completion of LearnVern’s Software Testing Course, you can apply for jobs as a QA Analyst, Software test engineer, QA team coordinator, test manager, and more.

Can I Access the Course Offline?

Yes. LearnVern is available on the web and Android platforms. While you can take the Software Testing Tutorial online on our website, you can also download our app, learn on the go, and access lessons and learning modules on our app when offline. You can share this downloaded content with your friends and colleagues through our Ambassador program.

Do I Get a Certification on Completion of the Course?

Yes. At LearnVern, you can get a certificate for completing the Software Testing Course. Although the course is free of cost, a nominal fee of Rs 500 can get you the SkillIndia certificate issued by the National Skill Development Corporation and recognized across the country. It can help you go a long way in building your career in the IT industry.

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Software Testing Course for Beginners to Advanced

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