Replicas reviews- The best Science-based movie-

Replica stars Keanu Reeves and was one
of the films. I missed last year when it
came out in January this one was about a
scientist played by Reeves who’s trying
to engineer a human transference of mind
to a robot body and after his entire
family dies in a horrible car crash he
decides to take a risk to see if he can
clone their bodies to bring them back to
life this movie was filmed in August of
2016 and not released until last year
whenever that happens you know that’s a
pretty bad sign usually when a movie is
held that long on a shelf it’s probably
really bad there have been a few cases
that were different like the cabin in
the woods for instance but not replicas
this is a really bad one and gratefully
since it’s been out for a long time now.
I don’t mind talking to you about some
spoilers but I’m gonna save that for
later on, in the video let’s start with
the positive I do like this concept. I
think the idea is really fresh it’s a
bit Philip k dick, in fact, there’s a lot
of sequences that are very similar to
Minority Report Reeves maneuvering this
map with his hands and a device on his
head it feels very much so like Steven
Spielberg’s film but the idea of a
the scientist who has the ability to bring
back his family and once he does he
notices that things just can never fully
be exactly like they were no matter how
hard you want to save someone even if
you have the means to do it in this
the specific way it’s probably not going to
be the same and that’s a very complex
idea and it could be very emotionally
interesting unfortunately this is one of
the messiest films I’ve seen recently
it’s extremely incoherent this story is
told and in such a convoluted way people
kind of walk into a scene and introduce
plot points for you
characters just appear in Reeves his
life and say this is something you
should be thinking about and something
that becomes a plot point he doesn’t
really experience things so much as he
is stopped by people while he’s walking
and they tell him things that become
important to the plot which makes for
some really boring characters and no
mystery and zero intrigue Reeves and
Alice Eve is fine
in the movie, this isn’t one of Reeves
best performances obviously but I’ve
certainly seen worse from him I love
that man and I’m always gonna like him
in movies even when he’s not that great
in a movie but in this case, he’s
serviceable in this role along with the
the messy script is some absolutely
horrendous CGI whenever the robot
character is on the screen which by the way
we’re gonna get into some spoilers here
if you haven’t seen replicas or if you
care to see it whenever this character
is on-screen these effects look
unfinished this thing isn’t moving
naturally, it seems like I said a
different frame rate from everything
else around it any investment you might
have had towards the finale of the movie
once Keanu Reeves takes his
consciousness and puts it inside a robot
that now wants to kind of like be his
assistant and beat up some guys
that investment just completely goes
away because it’s so absurd
unfortunately, the movie just can’t
sustain this idea I am totally fine with
a movie that asks you to believe a lot
as long as the film is made well
inception is a movie that’s filled with
potential plot inaccuracies and all
kinds of plot holes you could look for
if you really wanted to but it’s a
really well-made movie and so we were
able to look past some of those things
I felt like replicas needed a much
a better script and a much better director
because it just can’t sustain the
weirdness and the absurdity levels that
the final few minutes of this movie have
once we reveal that Reeves robot
counterpart is wearing a business suit
and has taken over parts of this
operation in another country Oh bill
it’s time to go to work
but the mapping sequence you can’t
help but laugh it’s the final fucking
shot in the movie for God’s sakes I’m
gonna give replicas a D I would say the
the first hour of the movie had some
potential because of the entire first power
is Reeves trying to clone his family
successfully and it feels like such a
slow burn so where you’re getting to
something interesting like if that first
an hour was maybe more like the first act
but it’s not it’s half the movie and
after that, it just continues to get
weirder and weirder and not in a good
way, unfortunately.