Python Django Course for Beginners:


Free Python Django Tutorial in Hindi

Django is open source and free. It is not just faster to create applications using Django but it is also smart and efficient. Many organizations like Mozilla, Pinterest, and NASA are creating their mission-critical applications using Django.

Python Django tutorial at LearnVern helps each candidate to develop applications with the most popular Web framework. Our Python Django course will cover topics such as getting started with Django, models, forms, Django URL patterns and views, Django with bootstrap, Django user model, Django send email, Django templates, Django project analyzation, Django class-based views, Django tests, Django rest API.

Python Django Course for Beginners
Python Django Course for Beginners

Who Should Enrol for the Python Django Tutorial at LearnVern

LearnVern’s Python Django course is designed for web developers, UI developers and technical leads, full stack developers, QAs, architects and technical project managers who are keen on honing their skills.


Requirements for Taking the Python Django tutorial

Candidates interested in the Python Django course should at least have a basic understanding of programming constructs and HTML.


Why Enrol for Our Free Python Django Course?

LearnVern is a unique platform where you can enrol for a Python Django training for free and even pick the language in which you want to study. We offer exhaustive tutorials in Hindi and other vernacular languages to ensure that our learners can understand each concept effectively and easily. Our Django course material is prepared in collaboration with subject-matter and industry experts to include theoretical concepts and practical knowledge that will help our learners become skilled professionals who are ready for the industry.

Furthermore, we ensure that our content is engaging and impactful. As a result, the content for Django tutorial for beginners is enriched with graphics and animations that take you through the content in an engaging and educative manner to ensure you get hands-on experience in applying the knowledge gained to real-life problem-solving.


Why Should I Enrol with LearnVern for the Python Django tutorial?

You can expect an easy to follow format that gives you an in-depth understanding of Python Django. Our Python online course is free of cost and the material is prepared in collaboration with the subject matter and industry experts to give you a holistic learning experience. Not only will you gain the technical know-how of the subject through our Python tutorial, but you will also have the chance to undertake practical tasks using the hands-on experience gained through the projects and assignments.

What Will I Learn Through This Tutorial?

The LearnVern Python Django tutorial will take you step by step into the fundamentals and complexities of the subject. You will learn about Django models, Django URL patterns and views, Django user models, templates, project analyzation, etc. On successful completion of the Python Django course, you will be able to develop fully-fledged web applications with Django.

Also, you will be skilled enough to use HTML to create website content, learn how to use Bootstrap for the styling of websites, use Python to code for your web applications, understand HTTP requests, etc.

Through our practical examples in the Python certificate course, tests and assignments, you will get the opportunity to put into practice the concepts and theories that you have learnt through the course.

What Are My Job Prospects on Completing this Course?

Django is the most popular web framework for web applications and is used by some of the biggest industry names such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even the Washington Times and NASA. The popularity of Python Django has sparked a huge demand for skilled developers. At LearnVern, you are not only taught the technical aspect of Python Django but also given hands-on experience in applying concepts to real-life problem-solving. So when you complete the Python Django tutorial with us, you are not only sound in terms of theory but also an expert at the practical aspect of the subject. There is a huge demand for skilled developers and with the certification that LearnVern provides, opportunities are aplenty for you.

Will I Get a Certificate on Completing the Course?

Yes. The Python Django tutorial offered by LearnVern is free of cost. Also, you can obtain a SkillIndia certificate by upgrading the course for a nominal cost of Rs 499. The SkillIndia certification is issued by the National Skill Development Corporation and is recognised across India. It can help you secure a lucrative internship opportunity and even land your dream job. You may check out a sample certificate here.

What Happens if I Go Offline?

You can install our app from the Android Playstore and download the content of our Python Django tutorial for offline viewing. You can also share the downloaded content with your friends and colleagues through our Ambassador program.

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Python Django Course for Beginners

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