Puss In Boots
Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots:- It was Ms. Pines’ last day at school today. Yes, I am going to miss her too. She was very nice. Yes, and she gave all of us from class little souvenirs to remember her by. Really! Wow! What did you get? That’s the thing. She gave everyone toys or fancy stationery. All she gave me was this empty diary. So? What’s wrong with it? What will I do with a diary? All the kids were showing me their lovely gifts and I felt so bad. I think you need to know about the miller’s son who got a cat from the miller.

Once upon a time, there lived a miller who had three sons. When the miller was dying he left his mill to his eldest son his donkey to his second son and for the youngest son he left his pet cat. The two elder brothers could use the mill and the donkey for trade and earning money but the cat had no use for them. So they kicked the youngest brother and his cat out of their home. One day, when the third son was sitting with his cat, the cat said to him. Master, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. How will that be? Can you get me a pair of shoes and a bag? I have very little money left. But I have never seen a talking cat before, so I trust you. And so the Master bought the cat the boots and the bag.

The cat happily took it and went into the nearby forest. There he found a rabbit hole. He put the bag to the mouth of the hole. As soon as a rabbit came out, he got caught in the bag. The cat quickly tied its mouth and took it to the Master. Master, I have brought you a rabbit for dinner. Let me cook it for you. The cat quickly cooked delicious dinner for his master. Once they were done, he went back to the rabbit hole. There he caught one more rabbit. He took this rabbit to the king’s palace. Your majesty, my Lord Marquis of Carrabas has sent you a gift. Thank you Puss, and thank the Marquis for me. The cat continued to do this for many days.

One day it heard about a nasty ogre that everyone was scared of. The cat went to meet him. Hello. What are you doing here? Oh, I just came to see why everyone is scared of you.  I don’t see any reason. Don’t you know who I am? I can kill you right now. I don’t think so…you don’t really have the power. I have the power to take any shape I want. I can become a lion and strike you. Haha…I am not scared of lions. I am only scared of rabbits. Well, here it goes then! As soon as the ogre turned himself into a rabbit the cat pounced on him and killed him. The next day he requested his master.

Master, please go and bathe in the lake outside the forest I request you. The Master agreed. As he was taking a bath, the cat stole the master’s clothes and hid them. Then he ran to the highway and waited for any carriage to pass. As soon as he saw the king’s carriage pass, he called out. Help! Your majesty! My master’s in the lake but someone stole his clothes. I don’t want him to catch a cold. please help The king recognized the cat who had been bringing his master’s gifts to him every day and stopped immediately. He sent his man to retrieve some clothes from the castle and took them to the Master. They gave the clothes to the third son who looked very handsome in them. Ride with my daughter and me, Marquis of Carrabas. We will take you to your place of stay. Thank you, my Lord. The cat sat in the front with the driver while his master sat with the king and his daughter in the back. He showed the driver the way to the Ogre’s castle. And told him to take them there. Once they had reached the cat got down and opened the door of the carriage. We are home, Master. Yes, dear Puss.

Thank you. The king was impressed by the third son’s humility and manners. He decided to get his daughter married to him. The young couple happily agreed. And they lived happily ever after. So the cat that everybody thought was of no use was extremely useful and changed everything for the third son! Exactly Tofu! I am going to keep this diary close to me always. And use it to write great stories. I am happy for you!


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