Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

About the Course

“Introduction to Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing” is a series of courses built from Learnvern online.  Learn Digital Marketing and SEO for free with every topic you require to grow your product and Services. Learn Digital Marketing and all the major topic like SEO, Facebook, Social Media Marketing, Adwords, Analytics, Video Marketing, and a lot more. Most Digital Marketing course teaches you the basic, the course here on Learn Vern will teach you the basic and advanced concepts of Digital Marketing with a practical example. In this course, you will be able to understand what is Digital Marketing, Scope of Digital Marketing How to select and Design Website and how to optimize the website for SEO, What and How to write content for your site, How to engage in Social Media Marketing, How to analyze website traffic with Google Analytics, and the most effective and cost-effective way to do paid promotion using Adwords and Facebook. 

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing
Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing


What you will learn?

* Introduction to Digital Marketing, What is Digital Marketing.
* Digital Marketing Strategy, How the strategy works, How to build business Strategy, How to build customer Strategy, How to set Marketing Strategy.
* Exploring a Digital Marketing, What are the Important terminologies of Online Marketing, What are the way of Digital Marketing.
* Starting with Website, How to make the most effective website for Digital Marketing, How to select Domain Name for effective Digital Marketing, How to set up a website by yourself or outsourcing, How to Start Building Website for Digital Marketing, How to improve the website conversion, How to create effective web copy for a website, What is the importance of Responsive website. 
* Content Marketing, How to do effective content marketing, How to Build and manage content for different Content-Part1, How to Build and manage content for different Content-Part2, How to create a Blog.
* Email Marketing, What is Email Marketing, How to plan Email Strategy, Which tool are available for Email Marketing and How to analyze it. 
* Mobile Marketing, How landscape change of Mobile Marketing, What is the importance of application of Mobile Marketing.
* SEO- SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, What is SEO, Which is the different way of SEO, How to Search and Analyse Keywords for SEO, What is important of building content for SEO, What is Local Lead? How it is important for SEO.
*  Fundamental of Google Adwords, How many ads in Google Adwords, What is the Search and display ads, How to do Remarketing, How to evaluate the search and display marketing.
* SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, How to set Social Media Strategy, Who is using Social Media, How to do Facebook Marketing, How to do LinkedIn Marketing, What is Twitter? How to do Twitter Marketing.
* VIDEO MARKETING, Why video marketing become so popular, How to start with video marketing, What is Video Content? How to create effectively, How to launch videos on Youtube, How to analyze video marketing.
* FUNDAMENTALS OF GOOGLE ANALYTICS, What is Google Analytics, Why use Google Analytics, and What does it do, How to integrate the website with Google Analytics, How to Analyze data, How online analytics works, How to create and track the Goal?, What is Conversion Funnel? How to create it, What is Key Performance Indicator?, Which Key Performance Indicator to use, How attribution model work.
* GOOGLE TAG MANAGER, How to install Google Tag Manager, Practical of Google tag manager
* EXPANDING YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING SKILLS,  What is A/B Testing How A/B Testing works? How to evaluate it, How Affiliate MArketing works.


Anyone who wants to learn Digital Marketing can learn. He also wants to do his own business, Anyone can chase this course be beginner or intermediate.

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Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing for beginners to Advance


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