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Nothing is Permanent – Akbar and Birbal

Noting is Permanent – Swamiji, did you have a good feast at the temple? Oh! of course. I ate to my stomach’s content, that I am unable to move now Is it so. Why are you looking so sad? Didn’t you get anything to eat today? No? No, I ate. Then why do you stay sad? No Actually, it is very difficult to lead a life like this. I am very much worried about it. You forget about it. Let’s face it tomorrow. Be happy. This has become a practice every day. They come here daily and eat food in my palace. Is it a palace or a choultry. I will put an end to this. Hmm.

I think I have got a nice idea. Mmm. Yes Nobody should sit in the surroundings of this palace. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Uh! Severe punishment will be given if you don’t follow this rule. Why is such a strict order? What can we do now? And where can we go and what to do? Don’t worry, don’t worry. We will meet our minister Birbal, My friend is the one who will solve our problem immediately. Yeah, yeah, we will go definitely. The king has passed such an order. We do not have any shelter now. You must help us with this problem. We expect a good reply from you, Birbal. Okay, okay! You all leave now. I’ll do my best Ji humor. Oh, saint! You should not sit here. Get down from the wall.

The king has ordered us not to harm people like you. If the king sees you’re sitting here, you will be punished severely so move immediately move away My friend let’s go He does not listen to us. Poor saint, no one can help from being punished by the king today. Hey! What’s happening out there? Huzoor, he does not leave the palace in spite of our several warnings. Thinking too much of yourself Don’t run. I’m coming here now Hey, who are you? Who gave you permission to sit here? This is not a choultry, to relax as you want. This Royal palace belongs to me Ok, is this your palace? Yes, This palace belongs to me Before you? It belonged to my father Humayun the emperor. Before him? Did it belong to my grandfather Babar the great emperor Before him?

Ibrahim Lodi of the Lodi Dynasty My grandfather defeated him in war and captured this palace. Mmm. Before you when so many men have stayed here, oh king! How can you say that this palace belongs to you? What are you talking about? Okay The whole world itself is like a choultry. We are going to live only for a short period. Why should we fight in that short period, like this is yours, this is mine Why should we have such inequalities? Please tell me. When we say I, mine, that doesn’t give strength, Your majesty! But when we say ours, your majesty! That gives a lot of strength.

Without understanding this you have asked the saints to leave who are in need of shade. Majesty! How far is this true? My ego is shattered, and I am awakened. Who are you? Reveal yourself? You haven’t recognized my majesty? I’m your Birbal. My beloved Birbal. You are brave enough to pinpoint the mistakes of a king. Thank you Very courageous. I take back my order right now. Thank you, Majesty! Thanks a lot. 


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