Mrs. Serial Killer Netflix Movies Reviews

Mrs. Serial killer Netflix Movies Reviews:    I was a bit relaxed in this current lockdown And Netflix has released a film named Mrs. Serial Killer Yes, Mrs. serial killer As the title of the film This film will kill your time, brain and peace of mind We all know that we can’t expect anything good from Shirish Kunder’s film

But as it was presented by Netflix And trailer was good I thought to give it a try But I failed miserably because Shirish Kunder’s Joker Not this one, the other one If that was “Hiroshima” then Mrs. serial killer is “Nagasaki” This film will unstable your stable mind Main lead of the film is Manoj Bajpai Whose character name is Mrityunjoy Mukherjee

But if you call him as “Joy” then he will get furious So Manoj Bajpai has played a role of male gynecologist And his wife’s role is played by Jacqueline Fernandez In other casts, Mohit Raina has played a role of police officer So coming to the main plot of the film Film starts with a serial killing case In which Mohit Raina finds the dead bodies of 6 girls from the property of Manoj Bajpai All dead girls were young, pregnant and unmarried And they were brutally killed So as Manoj Bajpai was a surgeon and all the dead bodies extracted from his property He framed as the main accused of the murder Jacqueline being a wife thinks that Mohit Raina is trying to frame her husband for these killings So she planned something big So that police and public outside start believing that serial killer is still outside On the other side Mohit Raina is fully convinced that kIller is Joy Mukharjee So this is the main plot of the film. Can Jacqueline save Joy Mukharjee from jail? Is Joy Mukharjee is the real serial killer? Is Mohit Raina really trying to frame Joy?

For that you have to watch the film which is available on Netflix There are a lot of things that i dont liked about this film jacqueline has done full overacting From the start to end of the film she have crossed every limit of overacting Her dialogue delivery is so poor i cant tell you Every scene was so loud and full of expression By doing that she has ruined her scenes No one has done their roles properly No character graph of Manoj Bajpai and Mohit raina If Manoj Bajpai is associated with a project then there are a lot of expectation added autometically But due to bad script and bad direction he haven’t done any thing extraordinary Talking about the director of this film Shirish kunder has done every thing in this movie Like he is the Director of the film Also he is the editor ,producer and music director of the film Then also he failed to make a good movie Because a Director is called as the captain of the ship He should have taken care of the performances by the actors He failed because of this It seems that he have not even taken the second take of the shot Narration of the film is very poor There’s no logic behind the background music of the film Dramatic music is being played through out whether scenes demands or not Cinematography of the film was the main plus point

Which is done by Ravi k Chandran Who has done films like Koi mil Gaya, Black and Dil Chahta hai Color scheme and set design of the film was good But only doing this can’t help it Apart from that, concept, editing and climax portion of the film was good Overall if you are bored and lazy And don’t have anything to watch right now Then you can watch it without any expectation