Magento Course for Beginners in Hindi with Certificate


Free Magento Tutorials in Hindi

Learn Magento from basics to advanced level with our free Magento tutorials!

With the Magento Tutorial at LearnVern, you will learn about the fundamentals of Magento, setting up Magento on the server, configuring Magento extensions and settings, adding users in Magento and setting their roles, setting up attributes and categories in Magento, understanding the type of products in Magento and creating different types of products in Magento, creating pages in Magento with widgets, polls, and setting up tax and shipping methods, Magento blog extension, Magento multi store, etc. You will also learn about payment methods through our Magento training and how to set up promotions and a lot more.

This course has been designed to help you learn the essentials to become a Magento developer in the shortest possible time. Our trainer is qualified and has 7+years of experience as a Magento developer and the expertise to share all his experience and knowledge in building a Magento E-commerce store from scratch.

Magento Course for Beginners in Hindi with Certificate
Magento Course for Beginners in Hindi with Certificate

Who Can Take Our Free Magento Tutorial?

This course is beneficial for all those who aspire to become Magento developers or have had previous experience working on Magento.


Are There Any Requirements for Magento Training?

  • The determination and focus to learn
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Good analytical skills

Why Choose LearnVern for Magento Course?

At LearnVern, we carefully curate content to produce tutorials that cover all theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. You can access our Magento tutorial for free in the language of your choice and learn at your pace. The course module includes lectures augmented with practical examples, images, graphics and assignments to help the learner grasp the essentials. The assignments and projects handed down at the end of the Magento training test the technical knowledge of the learner and ensure that they can apply it to real-life problem-solving.

Our course module is created in collaboration with the subject matter and industry experts. The Magento course at LearnVern will offer you the best of theoretical and practical lessons which are not only academically thorough but also industry-relevant.


Frequently Asked Questions About Magento Course

Why Should I Take Magento Tutorials?

Magento is currently the most popular open-source platform for e-commerce sites. Studies reveal that Magento powers a whopping 26% of the popular e-commerce sites today. With the world growing increasingly dependent on the digital world, Magento developers are looking at an extremely bright future.

The Magento tutorial of LearnVern will take you through the basic directory structure followed by the complex coding pools for development. By the end of our Magento course, you will be skilled enough to build a custom e-commerce site, open your online shop and start transactions, style and decorate your shop and understand how to monetize your skills using Magento.

What Can I Expect from LearnVern’s Magento Tutorials?

You can expect a clear, thorough understanding and working knowledge of Magento through our free Magento tutorial. The Magento training course at LearnVern covers the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts of Magento. Our Magento course module includes lessons on setting up an online store, customising the look and feel as per your choice, creating different types of products – downloadable, virtual, and configurable, etc. Furthermore, our course will train you on how to market and promote your products, setting up the order process, maintaining and managing customer relationships, creating taxes, shipping rates and monetizing your store by accepting payments.

What about Practical Learning in Magento?

Our Magento tutorial is an end-to-end learning module that will train you on every aspect of starting and running an e-commerce portal. Not only does our tutor-led Magento course offer practical examples, but also includes assignments after each learning module to ensure that you know how to practically apply the knowledge you have gained. In addition, we offer a quiz at the end of the course that tests your technical understanding.

What are My Job Prospects after Taking This Magento Tutorial?

E-commerce portals are growing by the day and hence the demand for Magento developers is growing simultaneously. On completion of our Magento tutorial, you can take up employment as a Magento developer or embark on an entrepreneurial venture. Since the job opportunities for skilled Magento developers are growing each day, you can rest assured about finding a job that meets your needs.

Do I Get Certified After Completion of the Course?

Yes. On completing our Magento tutorial, you will be awarded a Skill India certificate issued by the National Skill Development Corporation for a nominal fee of Rs 499. Our Magento tutorial is free of cost and with the investment of a small amount you can upgrade it to get hold of this coveted certificate, which can open several employment opportunities for you. Here’s a sample of the same.

What if I Have No Internet Access?

Worry not! While we are available on the Web, and you can also find us on the Android platform. You can download our app on your phone, download the Magento course material when online and access it offline to learn on the go. You can even share the Magento course material with your friends and colleagues through our Ambassador program.

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Magento Course for Beginners in Hindi with Certificate

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