Life is not easy for boys

Everyone makes these recommendations
And don’t even mention your needs
Yes, these are the boys who keep the responsibilities on their shoulders but they don’t even care
He is full of heart in his heart
But there is no moisture in the eyes
And life of boys is not as easy as we think.
The big shoulders of the house are always full of responsibilities.
They stay away from their loved ones for their own family.
The family members should not worry about it, so every time I am fine on the phone, I say
Age weeps in farewell to a girl,
And there is nothing special about their leaving the house,
And life of boys is not as easy as we think.
Mother has a darling son, but of course she has to make her own identity, for a job, she has to eat hundreds of pieces, sometimes there were many tantrums in everything, which has to be forgotten outside of the entire cost.
Some boys are awakened and some do not let their responsibilities sleep,
And life of boys is not as easy as we think,
Then comes a time when they are in love with their girlfriends on one side.
On the other side is family,
If you choose life, then the family is angry and the family listens, then there is the crown of infidelity on the head.
Getting involved in any situation does not reduce and life of boys is not as easy as we think.
In any case, the ability to stay calm is amazing.
The way of thinking and understanding things is also unmatched.
They do not lose their patience on small matters, but this does not mean that they do not have pain or do not have feelings.
Their troubles come in their lives, but their courage does not work.
And life of boys is not as easy as we think
They are called friends of friends, even when they leave together.
Those who do not open their tongues in front of the father in the house do wonders with eyes only.
Mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend play every relationship well and nothing is more for them than the friendship of a friend and it is not as easy as we think.