Irrfan Khan – Top 10 Best Movies of all Time:


Irrfan Khan - Top 10 Best Movies of all Time
Irrfan Khan – Top 10 Best Movies of all Time
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There are very few people who make a special place in your life. Whether it is a friend, neighbour, teacher or any actor coming to TV. And when it comes to acting, then Irrfan Khan’s name should not be associated with him, such an act is possible only in another world. Yes, it is true that life keeps on going,  people keep on coming, but that is a place which is left in our heart. It’s not impossible to refill it. Irrfan Khan, because of his love and respect will always be alive in my heart for Indian film cinema. We won’t get a chance to feel them again. But they say nither life should be big but not long. 

                   In the same way, there are some movies of Irrfan Khan that will keep you close to him after he is not there. So, this article is to thank them from my side. 
I hope you definitely see these movies.

Irrfan Khan – Top 10 Best Movies of all Time

       Madaari, who came in 2013, puts the fights against the entire system of the only person in front of us. Home Minister’s son gets abducted suddenly and a dangerous accident in his past is hidden. Which exposes the dirty politics of our country.

  Paan Singh Tomar, released in 2012, is based on a famous dacoit. Who once stood for the medal win for the country. 

  Haasil, released in 2003, Dangerous combo of Love and Politics puts us in front of us. There is a boy, there is a girl, both love each other very well. Then there is the entry in the story of a gangster who blows away the ropes of love.

   Piku, released in 2015, puts the special bond of a father and a daughter before us. Which, due to their different thinking from each other, they make little difference among themselves. Then there is an entry in the story of an owner of a travel company who works to complete the life o these two.

5. D-DAY
    D-Day Releases a Secret Mission Released in 2013. Who belongs to an underworld don sitting in a neighboring country. There are some loving people from the country who go out on this mission by putting their lives and their family at risk.

     Released in 2017, Hindi Medium serves to bring out the scams that run in our education system. A rich family dreams of teaching their daughter in a Sarkari School. But the crook remains int he loops in the rule.

     Released in 2013, Talvar is based on a real-life incident. In which a teenage girl’s murder is accused by her own parents. But the hidden factors behind it leave the sweat of the entire system in the lane.

    The lunch box released in 2013, serves as a connection between two strangers. Who, despite living in different places of the city, join each other’s life through a tiffin. Have you ever thought that we are all really happy in our life or are looking for an opportunity to get rid of them all?

     Karwaan released in 2018 is the story of three different people, in which an engineer is living a meaningful life. A college student is looking for a cure for a broken heart. Humans are living their lives on the condition. Which is hidden in the cone, scared of small smiles.

    Maqbool released in 2003, is based on famous writer Shakespear’s book Macbak. Jahangir is a famous don whom the hole city is afraid of but his heart falls on the beautiful girl named Nimi. The twist in the story comes when Maqbool has an entry in Nimi’s life, who works for Jahangir in the same way, but is ready to cross all limits in the love.