Grammarly Review:

Grammarly Review
Grammarly Review

Grammarly Review – one of the most popular grammar checkers out there Grammarly but to do this right I’m gonna show you exactly what Grammarly is and what can do for you as well as the difference between the free version and the premium version and I’ll even show you how I use Grammarly in my work life as well as my daily life also be sure to stay to the end of the video where I’m gonna tell you a story about how.

Grammarly actually saved my company from getting ripped off now if you’d like to learn more about book marketing and other online software’s and services go ahead and hit the subscribe button at the bottom right and click the bell icon so as to get notifications of when my next videos are out and with that let’s begin Grammarly is my favorite proofreading software it not only helps to check and monitor my online writing like Facebookblogging and even forums but helps to check my papers books and scripts it does this by using three different tools there’s the Grammarly browser extension which protects me from stupid mistakes while crafting a not so witty Facebook post or comment as well as what I’m sending an email through Gmail or any other online email service whoops there is also the Microsoft Word and outlook plugin so as to check my documents with a click and later I’ll show you exactly why this is much better than words own spell checker and grammar checker however this particular feature is only available for PC users sorry Mac users and finally there’s the downloadable

Grammarly personal editor app or an online version where you can either use it to type your documents or books or paper copy and paste documents into it or just drag and drop them into Grammarly inside of here I can organize my writing with blog articles my course scripts and even my thesis which

I wrote while at Naval Postgraduate School this was a real lifesaver with Grammarly there are two different versions free and premium with the free version you get access to the browser extension the Microsoft Word And outlook plug-in and the personal editor on Grammarly and the desktop app inside of those you can check definitions and synonyms and get access to over 150 different critical and spelling rule checks you’ll also get your writing performance stats via email which is pretty cool with the premium you’ll get all of that plus an extra 100 plus more critical grammar and spelling checks so Grammarly is a lot better at its job you’ll also get vocabulary enhancement suggestions genre-specific writing style checks which is important for those fiction writers out there and access to Grammarly’s automatic plagiarism detection system which

I’ll cover a specific story that pertains to that last feature at the end of this video so what does premium actually cost and is it worth it you could either pay the $29.95 per month which actually kind of sucks or the $59.95 per quarter which really isn’t that much better or $139.95 annually we can all tell which one Grammarly wants us to go to right now I personally pay the annual subscription does everybody have to do that of course not but I do a lot of professional writing on and I used to get a lot of irate emails from people over a simple grammar mistake I’ll also make sure my daughter has it when she goes to college next year because I think this sort of checker can really help her with her papers and so the boost of the premium is definitely worth it now you’re probably wondering to yourself isn’t just the word spell and grammar checker good enough let’s do a side-by-side comparison of words grammar checker to Grammarly free even

Grammarly premium and see what happens I took a small document and made it error-free as per words grammar and spell checker I then copy and paste the same document into Grammarly free and into a Grammarly premium account as you can see Grammarly free found 16 extra mistakes while premium found even more with 96 mistakes now in truth there were many suggestions by Grammarly that I Could disregard but I could not believe some of the mistakes that word missed now one question that I get from a lot of users is can Grammarly replace a professional editor and my answer is no it can’t so don’t buy Grammarly if you’re thinking you can cut out paying a professional editor however there are a lot of us out there who wouldn’t pay for an editor like you’re submitting a paper to a teacher or you’re about to send a proposal to a boss this is where

Grammarly Really shines because it will find a lot of those issues that will shall we say a little embarrassing when it gets out there so in the end I’m a pretty big fan of Grammarly and I use it myself and if you’re interested in picking up either the free or the premium version be sure to click my affiliate link in the description below or you can find it at now that we covered what Grammarly can do for you as well as some of the differences between free and premium let me tell you how Grammarly saved my business from getting ripped off a while ago I did a check of one of my articles through Grammarly copyright checker.


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