#1. Core PHP Course in Hindi with Certificate by Learnvern

Core PHP Course in Hindi with Certificate by Learnvern


PHP Tutorial in Hindi

If you are thinking about learning PHP, you will not find a better Core PHP tutorial. The PHP course at LearnVern includes the Basics of Core PHP with theory and practical examples as well as real-life examples of challenges that a PHP developer faces during Real Live Project Development. The best part of our Core PHP tutorial is that it is taught in your own language. The course starts with an introduction to PHP, and goes ahead and explains the most important topics in PHP like arrays, sessions, functions, forms, variables, class. Not only is every topic explained in detail but also includes the How and Why of implementing the PHP code.

Core PHP Course in Hindi with Certificate by Learnvern
Core PHP Course in Hindi with Certificate by Learnvern

Future of PHP and Job Market

PHP is a free, open source and extremely popular language used by many large and small companies such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and more. Moreover, because of its popularity and features, a huge number of PHP jobs are available across the world.

Certifications in PHP

Although there are no official PHP certifications available, the content includes everything that you would require to crack any PHP interview. However, we offer SkillIndia certificate, which is recognized pan India and can help you land a promising internship or job opportunity.

Upon Completion of the PHP course

By the time you are done with our PHP tutorial you will be able to:

  1. Code in PHP
  2. Develop and design the best looking PHP applications and websites.
  3. Gain a thorough understanding of PHP to learn advanced topics in PHP or learn CMS (Content Management Systems) like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress
  4. Work on a live project in PHP



Who Should Enrol for Our Free Core PHP Tutorial?

Freshers – If you are in college and want to learn Core PHP to build a career

Experienced – If you are working in the industry and want to learn Core PHP

Business Owners – If you are planning to start a technology-related business and want to know the technology


Requirements for Our Core PHP Online Course

You will need a basic understanding of C, C++ language

You need to have a Computer with Compiler to practice the exercises assigned to you.


Why Should You Choose LearnVern for the Core PHP Course

Our Core PHP tutorial is free-of-cost and is available in Hindi and other vernacular languages. It combines the theoretical brilliance of academics and practical expertise of industry experts to offer our learners a holistic course module that not only imparts technical and practical know-how of the subject but makes them industry-ready. Furthermore, the Core PHP course by LearnVern is enriched with images, graphics, animations, and practical examples so that you can understand the essentials of each module. We also assign tasks and projects to our learners to ensure maximum retention of the knowledge gained and to help them apply their knowledge in real-life problem-solving.


Why Learn Core PHP?

PHP is an extremely popular language and is used by some of the biggest IT giants, including Facebook. After completing LearnVern’s Core PHP tutorial you will be skilled enough to write codes in PHP, develop and design PHP applications and websites, etc. Our course module offers you a thorough understanding of PHP, which will help you further in learning advanced concepts in PHP or take up courses for Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and WordPress, which are a few popular Content Management Platforms.

Why Should I Take LearnVern’s Core PHP Course?

You can learn PHP online at LearnVern in an easy to learn format through the video tutorials that offer an in-depth understanding of Core PHP with a tutor-led demonstration of each concept, explanatory images, practical examples, and animations. Furthermore, in our free PHP course, we enrich our content with tasks and assignments that allow you to put each concept to practical problem solving and further your understanding. At the end of the course, you shall be handed down a project that will test your technical understanding and problem-solving skills. LearnVern also offers its learners a Skill India certification, issued by the National Skill Development Corporation on completion of its free PHP course.

What Are My Job Prospects After Completing the Core PHP Course?

Core PHP is an open source and widely used platform. From some of the biggest web portals to e-commerce sites, PHP is used widely across the industry. As a result, PHP developers are in high-demand today. On completion of the Core PHP tutorial with LearnVern, you can look for jobs as a PHP developer. If you hold a managerial degree and have some work experience to back you up, you can take up the job of a PHP project manager, which is a high paying job.

Do I Get a Certificate on Completing Your Core PHP Course?

Yes. LearnVern offers a Skill India certificate to those who successfully complete our Core PHP tutorial. You can take our free Core PHP course for free, and upgrade it for a nominal fee of Rs 499 to obtain the coveted SkillIndia certification. This certificate is issued by the National Skill Development Corporation and is recognized across the country.

What Happens If I Go Offline?

Do not worry! While you can access our Core PHP tutorials on the Web, you can also access our free course content on your Android device through our mobile app. You can download the course material while you are connected to the network and save it for offline viewing. You can even share the downloaded content with your friends and colleagues through our Ambassador program.

To enroll Core PHP Course in Hindi With Certificate, click the link below:

Core PHP Course in Hindi with Certificate by Learnvern

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