#1 Chrome keyword shortcut keys

Chrome keyword shortcut keys

1. Ctrl+N:- Open New Window.

2. Ctrl+T:- Open New Tab.

3. Ctrl+Shift+T:- Reopen the last closed tab.

4. Alt+Left Arrow:- Open previous page in the browsing history.

5. Alt+Right Arrow:- Open the next page in the browsing history.

6. Ctrl+W:- Close current tab.

7. Alt+F4:- Close current window.

8. Ctrl+Shift+O:- Open Bookmark Manager.

9. Ctrl+H:- Open History Page.

10. Ctrl+J:- Open Download Page.

11. Ctrl+F:- Open Find Bar.

12. Ctrl+P:- Print current Page.

13. Ctrl+S:- Save current Page.

14. F5:- Reload the current page.

15. Ctrl+D:- Save the current page as a bookmark.

16. F11:- Toggle Full-Screen mode.

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