Basics Android Course with Certificate by Learnvern


Android Tutorials for Beginners in Hindi

The Android Beginner Tutorial Free Course in Hindi at LearnVern is designed to be fun and easy-to-learn. It starts from the Basics and covers a few Advanced topics as well to help you learn how to develop Android applications. The practical and Live Project driven Android programming basics course gives you an insight into every detail of how to build the user interface, widgets, notifications, and even localization. Furthermore, you will Learn Android API, Images, Service, Architecture, Android Studio, SDK, with android code examples for beginners. Once you complete the Android Beginner Tutorial, you can enroll for the Advance Android Tutorial at LearnVern.

Basics Android Course with Certificate by Learnvern
Basics Android Course with Certificate by Learnvern

Why Learn Android?

Android is the mobile OS created by Google and the preferred choice for billions of people, owing to its simplicity as it comes installed on a variety of smartphones and tablets. It has more than 1.4 billion users today as it supports several features that keep upgrading frequently like the automatic backup of contacts, syncing information, providing several apps and games in the play store. Demand for skilled Android developers has been on the rise since its inception. Learning Android development with LearnVern can help you understand the essentials and build your own mobile applications.



Who Can Enroll for Our Free Android Basics Tutorial

The Basic Android Tutorial has been designed for students and developers who are inquisitive to build their own Android applications. If you are a web developer who wants to move into mobile development field or just a hobbyist with a mobile development idea and aspiring to become a mobile developer, this course will be highly beneficial for you.


Requirements for ur Basic Android Course

  • Understanding of Core Java concepts
  • Passion for coding and mobile development
  • We recommend you to take our Core Java course before you learn Android development with us.

What Does Our Free Android Basics Tutorial Offer

At LearnVern, our ultimate goal is to create skilled professionals who are industry-ready and can significantly contribute to the economy. The curriculum for our Beginners’ Android tutorial has been designed in collaboration with subject-matter experts who have experience as academics and industry specialists. This makes our Android app development course relevant to the current industry demands.

Also, our pedagogical approach discourages rote learning and promotes learning-by-doing and example-led teaching. The course material for our Android Beginner Tutorial is enriched with images, graphics, and animations to help students retain the information better. We also provide hands-on practical training through our tutorials to ensure that the concepts are thoroughly understood.

In addition to this, LearnVern offers SkillIndia certification on successful completion of the Android Beginner Tutorial to its learners. Skill India is the flagship project of the National Skill Development Corporation and is a coveted recognition acknowledged across the country.


How Will LearnVern’s Android Basics Course Help Me?

LearnVern’s basic Android tutorial will take you through the fundamentals of Android development. Along with practical examples of mobile development, you will also learn about Android architecture and environment set up, Android components, building User Interface with activities, different styles and themes, advanced User Interface, notifications, Android resources, multithreading, Intent and Broadcast Receiver, Data Storage, and more. Besides the theoretical know-how, you will have access to quizzes and assignments that will allow you to apply the skills you have learnt to solve problems. The Android programming basics course at LearnVern is holistic and takes into account the academic as well as practical learning to make you ready for the industry.

What are the System Requirements for This Course?

You will need a computer system with at least 4GB RAM for taking the Android Beginner Tutorial. This is because the system will need the configuration to run the applications. If you are using an Android device, then your device should have the capacity to run the app.

What Are My Career Prospects as an Android Developer?

Android devices dominate the mobile cell phone market and this is a clear indication of the growing demand for Android developers. Not only is there is a huge demand for this skill, but the pay package is lucrative. The demand for Android developers is quite high currently and they are required in job roles such as Mobile Architects, Android Engineers, Mobile App Developers, Android Developers, Mobile Lead Software Engineers, Mobile Developers, Mobile Embedded Software Engineers, and more.

On completion of the Android Beginner Tutorial, you can either opt to apply for jobs at leading mobile manufacturers or pursue higher technical training in Android to hone your skills.

Is the Android Beginner Course Certified?

Yes. At LearnVern, you can get a SkillIndia certificate after completing the Android Beginner Tutorial. Although the course is free of cost, you can upgrade it for a nominal fee of Rs 500 and receive the coveted certificate, which can help you go a long way in building your career as an app developer. You can view a sample of the certificate here.

Can I Access Content Online and Offline?

Yes. LearnVern is available on the web and Android platforms. While you can take the Android Beginner Tutorial online on our website, you can also download our app and learn on the go. You can get the lessons and learning modules on our app and access it when offline. Also, you can share this downloaded content with your friends and colleagues through our Ambassador program.

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Basics Android Course with Certificate by Learnvern

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