Advanced Android Course for Beginners to Advanced


Advanced Android Tutorials in Hindi

The advanced Android tutorial at LearnVern is a step-by-step guide that will facilitate the learning of essential Android concepts ranging from WiFi, Bluetooth, and Multimedia to advanced Android subjects such as sensors and location-based APIs. Our Android app development course module is aimed at imparting theoretical and practical knowledge that allows you to develop apps easily from scratch. You can take our tutorials for free in Hindi and other vernacular languages.

The quiz at the end of the Android programming course helps you to keep track of everything you have learnt. Furthermore, sample exercises enable you to apply the knowledge you have learnt for greater retention and prepare you to deal with Android app development challenges.

Advanced Android Course for Beginners to Advanced
Advanced Android Course for Beginners to Advanced

Who Can Take Our Free Android Course?

If you have already done a basic Android course, you can enroll for our Advanced Android Tutorial. This Android training is best suited for those who want to further advance their technical skills in Android programming.

For those who would like to become Android App developers but have not taken a basic course yet, you can enroll for our free Android course for beginners. It offers hands-on training on Android programming fundamentals.


Requirements for Our Offline & Online Core Java Tutorial

The Advanced Android Tutorial is a furtherance of the basic Android Tutorial that we provide. This module will take you through larger and more complex concepts in Android Programming. To enroll in this Android course online, you should know the basics of Android programming.


What to Expect After Taking Our Android Tutorial?

  • Learn Android App Development to make apps that can be used on any Android device

  • Use mock data and develop and maintain testable architecture

  • Familiarize yourself with Android Studio and utilize Open Source coding

  • Learn the best practices for Android mobile app development and work on Live projects

  • Take up employment at top IT companies as an Android developer

  • Become a professional app developer and work as a freelancer


Digital interactions have seen a significant rise in the past few months and are expected to grow in the future. This predicts an increase in the usage of mobile phones, as a result of which prospects for app developers seem to be bright.

If you want to become an Android app developer, this is the opportunity for you! With our Advanced Android course, including Android Studio training, you can easily learn to develop apps of your choice and even put them up for downloads on platforms such as Google Play Store.


LearnVern offers you the freedom to take Android tutorials in vernacular languages. This way, you can understand the most difficult concepts easily along with images, examples, and practical insights.


Which is the Best Android Development Course?

LearnVern’s 100% complete advanced Android tutorial is one of the best courses for those pursuing a career in Android app development. It will allow you to learn from qualified instructors and build a cloud-connected Android app from the get-go. Besides technical knowledge, you will be able to learn the best practices of Android app development.

What If I Miss a Class?

LearnVern offers both offline and online access to the learning materials for the Android Development course, which ensures that you will never miss a lesson. You can either access the recorded session on your LMS or attend another live session to make up for the missed class.

Can I Access the Course Materials Even After the Training is Over?

Yes. All the learning material that we provide for the Android programming course is downloadable and hence will remain accessible to you for reference even after you have completed the training.

Do I Need to Submit a Project at the End of the Course?

Yes. At the end of the Android programming training, you shall be assigned a project that you will be asked to complete and submit. You can take assistance from our support team to complete the project.

What are the System Requirements for Taking the Android App Course?

To learn Android app development with us, you will need a 4GB RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processor. Your Operating System should be of 32 or 64 bits. Also, you can easily attend our Android training classes with an internet speed of 1Mbps. You can log in either on your phone or your laptop to participate in the online lectures.

Can I Share the Android Tutorials and Courses with My Friends?

You use the web version or download can download the free Android course using our Android app for offline viewing. In addition to this, you can share it with your friends through our Ambassador Program.

Do You Provide a Certificate for Android Programming Course?

At LearnVern, you can get a SkillIndia certificate for the Android tutorial course. While the course is free of cost, a nominal fee of Rs 500 can get you the certificate to help you go a long way in building your career as an Android app.

To enroll in Advanced Android course for beginners to Advanced, click the link below:

Advanced Android Course for Beginners to Advanced

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