In the last few years, Computer Technology has revolutionized the business and other aspects of human life all over the world. Practically, every company, large or small, is now directly or indirectly dependent on computers for information processing. Computer systems also help in the efficient operations of railways and airway reservations, hospital records, accounts, electronic banking, and so on. Computers not only save time but also save paperwork. Some of the areas where computers are being used are listed below.  
      Science: Scientists have been using computers to develop theories, to analyze, and test the data. The fast speed and accuracy of the computer allow different scientist analyses to be carried out. They can be used to generate detailed studies of how earthquakes affect building or pollution affects weather patterns. Satellite-based application has not been possible without the use of computers. It would also not be possible to get the information of our solar system and the cosmos without a computer.

     ➤ Education: Computer have also revolutionized the whole