#1 Microsoft Excel shortcut Keys

Microsft Excel Shortcut Keys:- Excel Shortcut Keys: 1. Ctrl+N:- Open a New Window. 2. Ctrl+A:- Select content in the worksheet. 3. Ctrl+B:- Bold highlighted Selection. 4. Ctrl+I:- Italic highlighted Selection. 5. Ctrl+K:- Open the Insert hyperlink dialogue. 6. Ctrl+P:- Bring up the print dialogue box. 7. Ctrl+U:- Underline highlighted Selection. 8. Ctrl+Page up:- Move to … Read more

What is computer?

    What is Computer?       A computer is an electronic device that can accept our data and processing it. After processing it give us meaningful results.

Life is not easy for boys

              Life is not easy for boys Everyone makes these recommendations And don’t even mention your needs Yes, these are the boys who keep the responsibilities on their shoulders but they don’t even care He is full of heart in his heart But there is no moisture in the … Read more

What is Plotter?

What is Plotter? Ø IT is an output device that is used to produce high-quality graphics is a variety of color. Ø Plotter is used in architectural drawings, maps, graphs, and charts.   Ø It can print on a large surface. Ex.   Types of Plotter: ·       Types of Plotter: §  Flat Bed Plotter: §  … Read more

What is Printer?

          What is Printer? The printer is an output device used to create paper copies of the output from the computer. The printer can produce text and images on paper. A very special printer can also print plastic, fabric, or any surface. Printers are divided into two categories:- (1) Impact Printer              … Read more