What is the Processor Core?

What is the Processor Core?   What is the Processor Core? -Whenever we take a new computer or smartphone, we first see the features in it. In which the most important feature of a computer and a smartphone is its processor. With the development of technology and fast internet, speed work in our lives has … Read more

#1 What is Central Processing Unit?

What is Central Processing Unit? The central processing unit, or processor or microprocessor, as some call it, is the nerve center of the system. It performs central control functions. All the computational, logical, and operations decisions are made here. It contains the logic circuitry for performing the various computational activities. It controls the operation of … Read more

#1 What is Analog Computer?

What is Analog Computer? The word Analog means a continuously signal or a circuit or device designed to handle such signals. The opposite is “discrete” or “digital”.    For example, the turning of a wheel or changes in voltage can be used as input. Analog computers are said to operate in real-time and are used … Read more

What is Plotter?

What is Plotter? Ø IT is an output device that is used to produce high-quality graphics is a variety of color. Ø Plotter is used in architectural drawings, maps, graphs, and charts.   Ø It can print on a large surface. Ex.   Types of Plotter: ·       Types of Plotter: §  Flat Bed Plotter: §  … Read more